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Gallahaus History

History of the Gallahaus

The Gallahaus was built in the 16th century and still includes traditional building foundations and style. The Gallahaus was extensively renovated and expanded to ensure first-class luxury in this remarkable, historical building.


Your hosts at the Gallahaus, family Stöckl, have been running the Gallahaus accommodation since 1976. The 16th century building was positioned in a glorious location; however, the centuries-old building was in need of extensive renovation work. After many years of careful restorations, we are very proud to welcome you to the luxurious, restored Gallahaus. The country residence can be admired from the charming village of Zell am Ziller, and it again looks like the home of a family of nobility!


After the Second World War, the Gallahaus was used as workers' accommodation for the Tauern power plant. As the running costs increased, the Gallahaus was sold on for a brighter future.


At the end of the goldrush, the Gallahaus was the country residence of the Kraus family, a family of nobility. Making the Gallahaus even more noble, the glass veranda and the annex building were added in the 19th century.

The Gallahaus was built at the end of the 16th century to serve as living quaters for all gold miners. The owner of the goldmine was Mr. Galla, giving our Gallahaus its name.


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The Gallahaus Legend

A legend involving the former owner of the Gallahaus during the goldmining era, still is told here in Zell am Ziller. Mr.Galla was known as a ruthless mine owner and as a very demanding employer. The owner put immense pressure on the workers to increase their productivity, which made him rather unpopular with the villagers. 


An old woman from Aschau was heading to Zell for the 7am mass when the church bells rang. She realised she was an hour too early as the church bells only chimed 6 times. She had already made it as far as the Rohrer-cliff but decided to return home, when she suddenly was stopped in her tracks. She saw a bright, flickering light coming from the Gallahaus. Unafraid, she went to investigate the source of light. Appearing out of nowhere, she saw a burning carriage with Mr. Galla as a passenger, and the devil himself as the carriage driver. The devil's carriage headed towards the cliff, stopped briefly, then disappeared into the cliff. The old woman was very afraid and prayed; however, she thought her mind was playing tricks on her.


She arrived at church on time for mass and did not really take her sighting too seriously. But then, at church, to her surprise, the priest revealed that Mr. Galla had unexpectedly passed away that night.

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