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Culinary Delights – Created with Great Love

Your hosts Andrea & Friedrich share a great passion for excellent service with great attention to all the fine details. Picked nearby, dug out, cultivated, lovingly prepared, and carefully conserved directly at the Gallahaus. Honey, liqueurs, and the renowned Masterwort speciality schnapps will excite your taste buds.


Tyrolean Alpine Honey from our Busy Beehives

Friedrich, your host, is passionate about beekeeping and the precious honey the bees produce in return for their excellent care. The beehives are at the forest's edge, giving their honey its special flavour, due to the different flowers common in the forest. The delicious honey is best enjoyed on your fresh bread rolls in the morning.





Your host Andrea loves to produce different tasty liqueurs made from berries or fruits growing in our region. Black elderberries, blueberries, and plenty more tasty liqueur specialities are considered to be a special attraction at the Gallahaus. Andrea not only creates the drinks, she also chooses the right bottles and labels them with great care, ensuring you can enjoy your "Stamperl" with friends back at home.


Medicinal Schnapps Masterwort

The Masterwort plant is valued greatly for its medicinal properties and has been used in the Zillertal for generations. The plant is used to heal your body, as well as protect & keep you healthy.




Here at the Gallahaus guests can enjoy the traditional masterwort schnapps, created by Friedrich, your host at the Gallahaus. During autumn time, Friedrich ventures out to the Zillergrund with a spade to uncover the valuable roots. The roots are dug out, dried, then turned into the traditional schnapps with "Obstler" fruit schnapps as a basis. The masterwort schnapps tastes fine, savoury, and is traditionally used in case of stomach upsets,  as well as a digestive after a heavy meal or delicious "Jause".

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